Corncob Application

                         30th Annual Corncob Festival

July 11 & 12, 2015









City & State___________________________________________________



Phone____________________  email______________________________



NYS Sales Tax No.____________________


Vehicle Description__________________License No___________


Trailer _____________


Special Needs_________________________________________________


Doyou need electriccity_____Yes______No First comefirst served?limited


Therewill be a 45.00 charge paid directly to church for RV set up.


Detailed description of the items you will be displaying.



As an exhibitor, I agree to these conditions and requirements of the Corncob


Festival as put forth in the accompanying letter.  I agree that the First


Chuirch of God, its members, and Alan Leising will not be held responsible


for any loss ofproperty, theft, orpersonal injurysuffered during or as a result


of participating in the Corncob Festival.  I understand that this acceptance of


this application isa commitment to the show and no refunds will be given.



Check List:

_____Signed and completed application

_____Booth Fee 195.00 Ck made out to Alan Leising

_____Corner space 75.00 extra, add to booth fee

_____Application fee 25.00 made out to Alan Leising.  Dep upon receipt

_____3 photos of products and 1 of booth

_____SASE Legal size


Alan Leising                                               Alan Leising

251 Patterson Rd, F16                                6035 S. Transit Rd. #42

Haines City. Fl   33844                               Lockport, NY   14094

  (before 5/1)                                           (after 5/1)